A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Please run in 1024x768

The game play revolves around the player jumping around the level, getting to the different portals, and taking them to a different level. When the player jumps, the color of the level changes, allowing you to see objects that were invisible before. The player must balance their jumping with their movement in order to make it through these different levels.

The idea behind the game originally started with the idea of look at something in a black and white way. You are either right or wrong, good or evil, and there is no in between. I had wanted it to be a game where things slowly turned grey, making it almost impossible to tell where you were going or what you were doing. However, I chose to make it different, and instead it revolves around only being able to see one color or the other. By look at the world one way, you get a completely different outlook on what you see, even if everything is still right where you left it. I have text within the game that is there to either help the player or simply to have fun.

Asset Credits

Landing Sound by StaneStane on Freesound.

Portal/level entry sound by A43 on Freesound.

Install instructions

Just download and extract whats in the zipped file.


Black&White3.0.zip 11 MB
Black&White3.0Mac.app.zip 13 MB